Alps Goodness Hydrating Shampoo - Tea Tree (200 ml)

Add beauty to your tresses naturally with natures blessings infused in a bottle. Alps Goodness Tea Tree shampoo is that blessing which cleans the scalp thoroughly, strengthens your hair and promotes hair growth. The property of Tea Tree Oil helps in preventing dandruff.
  • Make your shower time eventful with a refreshing formula hailing all the way from the Alps
  • The virtues of Tea Tree mixed with the technology of Swiss to give you the best possible bath you can imagine
  • A therapeutic formulation made to make your bath time and hair a lot better
  • A scent so alluring, you'll want to get in a bath every chance you get
  • Moisturise, rejuvenate and strengthen your hair with every use
  • Love having a good bath? You need to opt for Alps Goodness Shampoo
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