Vayam Ayurveda Kumkumadi Ultimate Radiance Face Cream (30 g)

Wake up with a bright and a refreshing face with Vayam's Kumkumadi Ultimate Radiance Face Cream. A perfect treatmeant for your skin. It helps repair the skin and with continous use it brightens complexion, relieves signs of aging and promotes cell growth.
  • Vayam Kumkumadi Ultimate Radiance Face Cream is a powerful Ayurveda based formula created from with the finest of ingredients
  • Rich Saffron lightens and brightens uneven skin, reduce dark circles and pigmentation marks while also repairing fine lines, age spots and other signs of aging
  • The Turmeric in the formula heals skin and also retard the process of skin aging
  • The formula cools and cleanses while helping clear blemishes
  • It actively protects against bacterial and fungal infections
  • A perfect leave-in treatment for youthful and naturally radiant skin
  • All this with the best of Ayurveda blended with modern science helping you balance your 'beauty chakras'
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